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May 14, 2009

I'm a Star!

I'm totally famous. People from friends parents in Idaho to my step daughters preschool teacher have been telling me how they saw me on Fox 13 news last night and this morning. Well, though I do enjoy being in the spotlight, this one really wasn't about me.

We (the Utah Society for Environmental Education) run a program developed by the Northwest Earth Institute in Portland Oregon that gets groups of people together in book club type groups to talk about various topics ranging from healthy children to living simply. The Voluntary Simplicity course was something Fox 13 was interested in highlighting (with the economic times and all), so Cath Edvalson (Nicole's mom) and myself were interviewed after we finished up our discussion group.

Simplicity has many meanings and can range from buying less, gardening, eating lower on the food chain, eliminating stress to raising chickens. Whatever it is that simplifies your life and makes you happy, go for it!

Check out part one below and click here for part two highlighting Cath.

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