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May 20, 2009

Utah Project for Excellence in EE Update

Yesterday, USEE met with non-formal and formal Environmental Educators from all over the state to discuss the findings from the 18-month long Utah Project for Excellence in Environmental Education and the future of EE in Utah. We would like to thank all of you who participated!

In the next couple of years there will be some major things happening for EE in Utah! Many goals have been set by USEE and meeting participants to further EE in the years to come. Some of USEE's projects include:
  • An extensive EE Clearinghouse/Database;
  • A Statewide Environmental Literacy Plan;
  • Furthering the findings from this project by helping other organizations meet the goals they set yesterday at the meeting and by working with the Utah State Office of Education and the Governor's office to increase EE awareness.
These are some very big projects and we looking forward to tackling them soon. Now we need to wrap up this project which includes getting all of this information online for other EE organizations, teachers, and the public to see what we've accomplished so far. We are very excited to finish up this project so we can use this information to undertake the next projects we've outlined. Stay tuned for final reports, websites, and future plans based on what we've found throughout the past year and a half. For more information, please visit the Utah Project for Excellence in EE website. If you have any questions about this project, the meeting we held yesterday, or the future plans from this project, please contact me at nicole@usee.org today!

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