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May 12, 2009

Voluntary Simplicity Highlight

As many of you know, USEE just finished up the Voluntary Simplicity Community Discussion course that we offer. From this course the we have all been trying to implement different ways that we feel make our own lives more simple from not purchasing new items to growing our own veggies. We all have differnt styles of choosing simplicity, but for the most part I think one way we are all implementing simplicity into our lives is through the awareness of how we spend our time.

For me, this has mostly been about being conscious of the time that I spend doing different activities in my life, incorporating more of the things that make me happy, and asking myself, "what is important for me today?" For instance, I am spending more time with my friends and family, more time playing my guitar, more time cooking (I just recently finished a bread baking class and I have enjoyed employing my new skills), more time exploring my neighborhood, and more time reading. I am starting my first garden I have really enjoyed learning about plants and gardening and also being outside in the sunshine. I spend less time in front of the TV and the internet. If I decide that I want to watch a movie, I make sure that I'm making a conscious decision that it is really what I want to spend that part of my day on, rather than just passively turning something on because I'm bored. I feel that I have grown tremendously from this experience and lead a happier life for it.

USEE and our Voluntary Simplicity Course is being featured on the news tomorrow night! The story is going to be on the local Fox News at 9:00pm. The story is going to be part of their sweeps week, so it is going to be the overarching theme throughout the whole newscast. Andree' will be featured through much of it as well as two of the people who took the course and have made some drastic changes (read about their journey) in their lives.

The nice thing about voluntary simplicity is that it means something different to everyone. In the context of a community discussion course, you can easily explore what those different meanings are and learn from them. Contact us today if you are interested in starting or joining a Voluntary Simplicity Community Discussion group and don't forget to catch us on the news tomorrow night. How are you simplifying your life?

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