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October 8, 2009


Jason and I are currently at the Annual North American Association for Environmental Education (NAAEE) Conference! We are in the full swing of things going to many meetings, social gatherings, and, most of all, finding out what the rest of the country has to offer so we can bring it all back to Utah.

Jason is presenting on USEE's Certification Program as well as a session about the different online tools that are available and useful for small non-profits. We are both presenting our findings from last year's Utah Project for Excellence in Environmental Education at the conference and helping other states use these findings in their own programs. Yesterday we met with all of the other NAAEE affiliates to find out what we are all doing to make our communities stronger and how to incorporate those ideas in Utah.

We are having fun meeting up with old friends, making new ones, and meeting the faces that go with all of the emails. I am also learning a lot as this is my first NAAEE conference! Today I attended a workshop on Project Learning Tree's new and upcoming Green Schools program, which is very cool and exciting, and some various round table discussions, with more discussions, sessions, and exhibit fairs to go!

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