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November 12, 2009

Moving On

Greetings Environmental Educators,

After two and half wonderful years of working with Environmental Educators across Utah, on December 4, I am stepping down as Executive Director of the Utah Society for Environmental Education. The USEE board has appointed Andree' Walker, current Associate Director of USEE, as interim Executive Director and will hold a nation-wide search early next year. My plans are to travel in South America and the Pacific Northwest for the first half of 2010 before returning to Washington DC.

As I amble away from this great state I'd like to extend a call to action for all of you who care about Environmental Education. While the popular interest in green careers, buildings, and lifestyles present a great opportunity for the environmental movement, we want to make sure that the high-quality, evidence-based Environmental Education materials and programs are part of this movement. Over the coming year you will hear a lot about 'Environmental Literacy Plans' and 'No Child Left Inside' legislation. These are platforms that will build upon decades of EE work; my challenge is to put your collective voices behind these efforts. Only by convincing decision makers that Environmental Literacy is a critical aspect of education for our families and communities will we be successful.

I have greatly enjoyed my time working with USEE's members, staff, board and volunteers. Thank you all for this wonderful experience!

Best Wishes,

Jason Taylor


Cath Edvalson said...

You will be so missed, Jason, but we wish you and Maggie the best as you chart your path for the next big adventure in your lives. Thanks for being such a great leader for USEE, a superb mentor for our daughter, Nicole, and an inspiring friend. I hope we will always keep in touch. Happy trails!

Alaina said...

Jason, you will be missed indeed! Hopefully you will will have a lovely journey and a new beginning traveling! Thanks for all the opportunities you have opened up, it was great to work together if even for a short while....Utah will miss you!

Ken Klemow said...

Welcome back east, Jason. Hope to be able to link up again.