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February 19, 2010

Member Highlight: Momentum Recycling

A couple of months ago, I had the opportunity to visit a local glass recycling plant as well as the insulation factory across the road from the glass recycling plant. This trip was part of a tour that Jeff Whitbeck, co-owner of Momentum Recycling (a USEE Institutional Member) and one of our newest USEE Board Members.

Momentum Recycling is a local business dedicated to helping organizations move toward zero waste. They do this by providing waste-stream assessments, helping each organization develop a custom recycling program, and then implementing the customized program. Part of each recycling program is setting up a comprehensive recycling collections procedure for each client. Momentum Recycling also provides educational tools for the employees, clients, residents, and guests of each organization to help them understand the importance of an organization's commitment to zero waste. Once these steps have been implemented, Momentum Recycling also works to publicize each organization's commitment to move toward zero waste.

Different organizations have different recycling plans depending on their goals and the facilities used by each organization, and Momentum Recycling has many different ways to help each organization move toward zero waste. There are mixed recyclables bins, cardboard and white office paper, glass, organic waste, and electronic waste options. In order to manage all of the recyclables generated by organizations, Momentum Recycling works with several government agencies, non-profit groups, and material recovery facilities and recycling facilities across the Wasatch Front.

As part of Momentum Recycling's commitment to education, they schedule some occasional site visits to help inform their clients about where the recyclables are going. One of these visits was to the glass recycling plant and the fiberglass insulation factory. It was fascinating to learn about the different kinds of glass that can be recycled, the history of the plant, and where most of the recycled glass goes when it's done being processed. Most of the glass that Momentum Recycling processes for their clients goes to the glass recycling site near Owens Corning, which is the fiberglass insulation manufacturer across the street. Most of the glass at this plant gets ground back down into sand so that Owens Corning may use the recycled glass in the manufacture of fiberglass insulation. It was certainly a treat to learn about this process. Thank you Momentum Recycling for setting it up!

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