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May 10, 2010

Dairy Products and Goats

Have you ever wanted to know more about dairy products from goats? Sunnybrooke Farm in Sandy, UT, is hosting a class about harvesting your own dairy products from goats! During each session the following items are discussed:
  • Cows vs. Goats
  • Proper feeding and nutrition
  • Housing/Fencing
  • Required space and options for you if your land is not zoned for farm animals
  • Needed equipment and general care and milking
  • Milk quality
There will also be a demonstration on how to collect milk in a safe and sanitary way and wrap up with a question and answer session. The cost is $20/group and are held on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. To schedule a class or for more information, contact Josh at 801-452-5224!

Want to know more right now? Check out Josh's YouTube video about how to construct a milking stand for goats!

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