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September 2, 2010

Run the River!

Hey all, Andree' here.

I wanted to encourage you to sign up for the "Run the River 5K" not only because it is a great benefit for USEE and other EE Organizations, but because the Jordan River Trail is really a hidden treasure in Rose Park.

I live in the area and run the trail a couple times a week. Here are the cool things I've seen in the wee hours of the morning....

Ducks (yea, yea, you can see ducks everywhere), a muskrat (ok, a bit cooler than ducks), and a BEAVER!

On both Monday and Friday last week my friend and I were able to see the beaver. On Monday, it was in the water swimming along and we stood (the beaver floated) observing each other for quite a while. I was surprised at how long it stayed with us there watching. With a flip of the tail, the beaver vanished. On Friday, the beaver was lounging on the banks and slid into the water, swimming away as we approached.

How great is it to live in a community where you can take a river trail from your neighborhood, get some exercise and see wildlife? I love living in Rose Park and I love the Jordan River Trail!

Join us on September 18th at the Day Riverside Library for a run or walk, or just come down and check out the booths and activities.

Click HERE for more info.

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