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October 15, 2010

Blog Action Day: Breaking the Bottle Habit

Enjoy the following post by Amanda Nelson, one of USEE's talented interns!

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I recently came across Blog Action Day, an annual event where blogs across the globe join together to blog about an important world issue. This year’s theme is WATER.

I really wanted to write this blog today because I’ve only recently opened my eyes to the world outside my own. I went to the Brad Paisley concert in September and his tour was all about water, fittingly called the H2O Tour. There was a video playing about people who need water all over the world and you could help by texting and donating money. I was amazed at the facts and sent a text in right away. A few weeks later I started looking more into the water shortage around the world, and stumbled across Blog Action Day.

When deciding on what to write about, I came across a topic that impacted me personally more than the others, a topic that most can relate to.

Water bottles. How many of these do you go through in a week? How about a month? Even a year? You’d be surprised that the average person drinks 200 bottles per year as reported by TriplePundit. At first I brushed this statistic off, but then I really started thinking about it and I’m sure it’s possible. I buy a 20 pack of bottled water about 3 times a year, then random stops at the gas station, not to mention when trying to choose a healthier option when eating out. Now, what happens to these bottles when I’m finished? I throw them away, and not usually in a recycle bin.

Annie Leonard has put together a new short film, “The Story of Bottled Water”, that exposes the bottled water industry and their lure of having us consume bottles of water from snow-capped mountains or exotic lands. These bottles take 17 million barrels of oil to produce as reported by Food and Water Watch and 86 percent are NOT recycled.

Watch this informative video and go buy a reusable water bottle. It’s a small step but it will have big impact.

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