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January 20, 2011

Another New Intern for Spring

USEE's new Spring intern is Jesse. He currently teaches rhetoric and writing at both the University of Utah and Salt Lake Community College. He also attends school, working on his second Master's degree in Environmental Humanities. If you must know, the first is a Master in Fine Arts in Creative Writing with a focus in poetry. Jesse is an avid reader and appreciator of everything fine, especially art, literature, music, writing, solitude, and food. As a native Utahn, he spent a good deal of his young life in the mountains and, after visiting the California coast every year for the last 20 or so, has become quite fond of the sea. Last year, he and his wife spent five months backpacking through Ecuador, Peru, Argentina, Uruguay, and Chile. He speaks Spanish fluently and is available for parties. USEE is exceptionally happy to have him involved with our organization at this time.

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