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January 11, 2011

From the Mailbox: Higher Ed for Nonprofits and Events at ONC!

Occasionally some interesting things pop up in the USEE mailbox. Here are two of them that you might find interesting.

Do you know about the Nonprofit Academy for Excellence? This is a program through the University of Utah that offers classes specifically for those working in the nonprofit realm. Here's what the website says:

The Nonprofit Academy for Excellence at the University of Utah inspires excellence in nonprofit management and governance. This unique certificate-based program, customized for managers, staff, and trustees of Utah's nonprofit community, promotes enhanced organizational capacity and effectiveness to professionals seeking training and development in nonprofit management. In addition to high-quality, affordable courses, the Academy offers a meeting place for nonprofit professionals to share ideas and strategies and build relationships that last beyond the classroom.

In the brochure we received, it says there are certificates offered in the following six areas:
  1. Fund Development
  2. Leadership and Management
  3. Financial Management
  4. Social Media
  5. Human Resources
  6. Self-Directed
How cools is that? The application deadline for the program is January 21, and there are scholarships available. To apply, just visit the program website, nonprofitacademy.utah.edu.

The next item from the mailbox is a flier from Ogden Nature Center. Just because it is winter doesn't mean hibernation for Environmental Education!

The Ogden Nature Center has loads of programs going though the winter, like Scout Saturdays, Wild Wednesdays, Preschool Discovery Days, Community Programs like a Snowshoe and Sledding Party, Kundalini Yoga, a romantic date night "Nature is for Lovers," and the Great Backyard Bird Count.

Check out ogdennaturecenter.org for more details!

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