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February 4, 2011

Resource Reveiw: Assessing the quality of your programs.

If you are considering new programs or curriculum, how do you know if they are of high quality? What about your existing programs and curriculum?

The NAAEE's online Environmental Education Resource Review can help you in determining the quality of your programs. Anyone can go online and compare their programs to the Guidelines for Excellence to better assess their quality and effectiveness.

The online resource review takes you through a series of 28 recommendations or guidelines broken down into six key characteristics of high quality environmental education materials.

Any of the following can be reviewed :
  • Activity guide / collection of lesson plans
  • Teacher's guide
  • Interactive, instructional DVD
  • Interpretive program
  • Field trip or guided tour
  • Any other educational materials that include a lesson plan format
For an example of a resource review, go here. To start your own resource review, go here.

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