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May 23, 2011

New Intern - Meet Isaac!

Hi I'm Isaac Merrill. I'm one of a few new interns with USEE. A little about me: I like to be outside skiing, climbing, camping, hiking, the usual. I like music and I love playing guitar. I like reading books and learning about almost anything. I am a junior at Westminster College majoring in Environmental Studies, hoping to graduate next year. I recently returned from a study abroad in Northern Ireland and it was an experience of a lifetime. Another one of my passions is the environment and taking care of it - but in order to take care of one's environment, one must know how. That's where environmental education comes in. I think this is a very important part in making sure our environment is taken care of. People need to be educated on environmental aspects and issues in order to take any sort of action. This is what drew me to USEE, and I'm excited to be here working, interning, and learning.

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