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May 27, 2011

TapIt Water

The list of negative environmental impacts from bottled water has become increasingly evident to the public. Wasting plastic, wasting money, overflowing landfills, and bulk extraction are just some of the problems. These hazards have led many to update their drinking habits to using reusable water bottles, however availability of clean water resources can still be a problem. If you’re out and about and run out of water, it is easy to find a gas station, grocery store, or vending machine to get another plastic bottle of water, but what about filling up your reusable water bottle? So much for being sustainable, right? Well now, TapIt Water Bottle Refilling Network has put together a website and free iPhone app that lists partners around the United States that will provide free tap water to the public. They also provide printable maps and a free iPhone app to find locations on the go.

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In Salt Lake City over 40 eateries have joined as partners and offer to fill the water bottles of anyone who comes in for free! The TapIt network promotes less waste, less water privatization and extraction as well as education and solutions to these problems. For more information and to find locations near you visit http://www.tapitwater.com/ or join TapIt Water on facebook.

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