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June 10, 2011

All You Can't Eat

USEE strives to be zero-waste at all of our events and workshops. We recently discovered a wonderful company called EcoScraps. Read on below...

Ever wonder what happens to all the food that you can't eat at an all-you-can-eat buffet? American's generate 30 million tons of food waste each year. This troubling information inspired Daniel Blake and his partners to start dumpster diving behind Provo restaurants to save food waste and turn it into organic (and eatable!) compost. Their efforts have grown and facilitated the creation of EcoScraps, a company aimed at creating and selling organic compost while maintaining a mission of environmental responsibility.

EcoScraps collects raw materials from grocers, produce wholesalers, and waste hauling companies. Workers sort the material, add a mixture minerals and other ingredients and cook it together to create organic compost. EcoScraps has facilities in Provo, and Salt Lake City and has already expanded into Arizona and Oregon after only a year of operation. At the Salt Lake facility 10 to 15 tons of produce waste is processed each day! Blake estimates that one bag of compost is equal to the carbon offset of parking your car for a whole week.

Check out more about EcoScraps at www.ecoscraps.net

(Adapted from "Rot Me Baby" by Tiffin Brough in edible Wasatch)

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