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June 23, 2011

More Local than "Local"

Can't help but feel excited and giddy about the Downtown Farmer's Market opening? Or how about local farmers markets in Murray or Sugar House coming up in the summer months? I know I look forward to shopping for the healthiest fresh produce and get a humbled feeling knowing that it came from right here in Utah.

Here's an idea if you too love the idea of local food. Why not start your own garden? What could be more local than that? Not only would you know EXACTLY where your food came from, but you could also have control over what and how much you want to grow. In the article "Messy Gardening for Food and Fun", Julia Parslow, an educator, working mom, gardener and knitter living and working in southern Utah, explains that the important thing is having a garden that fits you and your family, not how exact the rows are. For her, having a garden means having the freedom to plant as much or as little of any kind of food her and her family desire! That seems like a sweet deal to me.

How's that for playing with your food?

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