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June 28, 2011

Scribbles from the Mommy Intern - Homemade Compass

Hey it's Crystal here with Scribbles from the Mommy Intern.

I am always looking for ways to impress my kids or the other kids at the park or in my neighborhood, especially when it has nothing to do with technology or the numerous plastic toys that seem to multiply on their own. I always revert back to my childhood when climbing the trees, make-believing and simple things kept us playing throughout the long summer days. I found this compass that anyone can do with a stick, some rocks and the sun over on the blog Outside Mom, which is an amazing blog that helps you remember how awesome the outdoors are!

Check out her series called “30ish Ways to Use a Stick” where she will add more uses throughout the year and inspire you to love the outdoors even more!

Outside Mom is run by former USEE staff Lindsey Wilson. Thanks for the great work Lindsey!

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