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July 13, 2011

Get Out and Do Something!

Breaking News!!! If students want to succeed they should "get out and do something!" ... Okay maybe not so new to environmental educators. Tom Friedman of the New York Times spoke at the Aspen Ideas Festival at the beginning of the month sharing the importance of creativity in students. Creativity is not only beneficial to enjoying life, but also in succeeding in the workforce. The way that industry is headed, students will now need to work more at creating their jobs, rather than fitting into them. In order to create their own job market, students will have to be innovative. Friedman explains that everyone has an intuitive creative sense, it is just sparked by getting out and creating projects instead of sitting at a desk planning with a pencil and paper.

Sounds familiar right?

Friedman explains that kids should be encouraged to do projects outside of school, and he's not talking about on the computer. He suggests projects like inventing gadgets or building a fence in the backyard. It's projects like these that can keep kids' creativity strong.

Looks like someone's getting the message!

View Friedman's interview here!

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