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July 29, 2011


This week Andree', Charice, Aaron, Maria, and our new volunteer, Josh, have all enjoyed...well survived working in the dark. Luckily for Andree', her room has enough natural light that she never needs to turn the light on, so this was just another normal week for her. For the rest of us, we've been depending on the little sunlight we get through our windows.

At home, Andree' concentrated on turning off fans in rooms that weren't being occupied, or when her family left the house. One thing she didn't do but would have liked to was to install more power strips to turn off and on rather than leaving power sucking items like chargers constantly plugged in.

Although Aaron's parents insist on leaving lights on at night, he made an electricity reducing decision to start reading The Cat's Cradle by Kurt Vonnegut instead of watching TV.

Maria has had trouble with working in a dark office, but has survived with the help of her solar lamp!
Crystal and her family cut out tv, computers, radio and any extra electricity besides cooling between 11-4. Her kids also unplugged any chargers not being used.

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