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November 23, 2011

From the (e)Mailbox: NHMU for Educators - We're Open!

Natural History Museum of Utah -
Field Trip Educator Workshops

Do you want to give your students a field trip that they will talk about for years to come? Come learn how to prepare for your visit to the Natural History Museum by engaging in pre, during and post visit experiences while we explore our new state of the art facility, the Rio Tinto Center. We are eager to share it with you! Register today for a workshop to learn more about our new Self-Guided Field Trips. They are based on National and State standards. They incorporate the nature of science and science process skills in order to create authentic, student driven field trips that will inspire exploration, discussion, and enthusiasm. Spend two hours with us and experience a few of the most enjoyable hours you will have all week; and you’ll receive two re-licensure points!

Register for a Field Trip Educator Workshop Today!

Field Trips

It’s been years in the making, it’s of colossal proportions, and it’s something you and your students won’t want to miss! The Natural History Museum of Utah has opened our doors to the public, and will start school visits on December 1st. Bring your students to the Museum for a field trip that will ignite wonder, excitement and awe all while tying into State and National Science standards! Register today to take advantage of one of the limited number of sponsored field trips made available through generous community partners, including the Utah State Office of Education’s Informal Science Education Enhancement (iSEE).

Plan your Field Trip Now!

Teaching Toolboxes

Wouldn’t it be great to have the Natural History Museum be a part of your classroom? Well, it can! Just reserve one of our teaching toolboxes, and you will have access to Museum quality specimens, books, and lessons that will make your core curriculum come alive! You will be amazed at the excitement these tools can create in your students. We have 15 topics to support you in creating authentic experiences for your students that can inspire them to be lifelong learners. It’s easy, just go to our website and reserve a box today!

Bring the Museum to your Classroom! Reserve a Teaching Toolbox Today!

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