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November 9, 2011

Meet Holly!

Hola! My name is Holly and I’m a new volunteer here at USEE. I just moved here from my home state of Michigan. It’s not so different here than in Michigan. The climate is about the same and the countryside too, just trade the mountains for lakes and add in a lot more rain!

I moved here for a lot of reasons, including that I wanted to be close to my good friend and her daughter who moved to Salt Lake about two years ago. Mainly I came for the adventure of living somewhere new while waiting for my Peace Corp application and assignment.

I just graduated from Eastern Michigan University with my teaching degree in elementary education. It’s been a dream of mine to work abroad teaching children English as a foreign language, reading or Spanish. This is why I joined the Peace Corps, to travel and volunteer my time doing what I love.

Now then, you may ask, why am I working with USEE? Well, the upcoming assignment the Peace Corps has for me is one in training teachers how to teach environmental science. I was asked to get as much experience in this area as possible. What better way for me to learn more about teaching environmental science, then by actually working for an organization that does exactly that! I'm really excited to be a part of their Project Learning Tree and other professional workshops focusing on classroom activities. Not only will I learn from USEE’s own trainings, but I will help train others and also give back to the organization input from my own experiences and perspective as a teacher. I am very excited to find such a good fit here, we will all learn from each other!

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