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February 22, 2012

Easy Green Cleaning Tips

I always have my staples when it comes to cleaning supplies.I must have Soft Scrub for the bathroom, I use Wetjet for the floor and I love my Swiffer dust cloths. However, this weekend while visiting my parents I didn’t have that.

I wanted to dust off the scanner to scan some old pictures,and after looking in every cupboard and closet I could finally asked “Don’t you have any Swiffer cloths??!”

My Dad answered “No, but here’s a dryer sheet.”

In response to my confused “What??” he handed me a torn pagefrom this February’s edition of the Reader’s Digest. On it was a list of 13 “Cleaning Tips You Haven’t Heard Before” and the first tip was: dusting with an old dryersheet.

I read the rest of the tips on there and I thought, these tips are not just easy, but actually pretty environmentally friendly. Most of them ask you to use common household items, either eliminating the need to use chemicals, or reusing something you would have otherwise thrown away.

My favorite tips are:
  • To clean blinds: close them and wipe them up and down with an old dryer sheet
  • After a shower, spray it down with vinegar and water to get rid of musty odors
  • Use a wet pumice stone to clean your oven instead of any spray-on product
  • Clean the microwave oven by microwaving a cup of baking soda and water until it boils, then wipe clean
  • Use an old tube sock on a yard stick to clean under refrigerators,ovens and overhead cobwebs
  • To remove stains in your toilet, drop in a bubbling denture tablet and leave it for at least 30 minutes or overnight, then swish with a brush.

Sometimes it’s just the simple small things in our day today living that can help us make a big change in the long run.

If you'd like to learn more Green Living Tips, check out the upcoming Green Bag at the Jordan River Water Conservancy District Gardens. March 7th at 6pm.


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