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May 3, 2012

More Ways to Reuse Old Junk

It’s spring!

The warmer weather has finally come to stay, which means we finally get out of the house and start working in the yard, remodeling the house, organizing our garages, storage sheds and throwing away what has accumulated during the past year.

However, not everything is trash!

You can actually use your old crown molding, gutters, spice racks etc as organizational tools!
A friend of mine posted this website link of pictures of “Simple Ideas That Are Borderline Crafty (35 pics)”

After looking through them, I realized, they aren’t just crafty, but they are environmentally friendly! They show you neat simple ideas that anyone can do to reuse old objects you may have lying around to help organize or redecorate your house.

Some ideas include:
  • Old gutters used as planters
  • Empty Tic Tac containers used as string/ribbon dispensers
  • Empty Kleenex boxes decorated and used as costume dress up shoes for kids
  • Crown molding nailed lower on the wall used as a shoe rack
  • An old metal rake head used to display wine glasses
  • Glass jars hung with wire on the patio with tea light candles inside
  • Old scrub brush used as a pencil and pen holder
  • Window shutter used as a letter holder/organizer
I encourage you to go to follow the link and see the ideas for yourself. Perhaps they aren’t all for you, but they could inspire you to reuse some junk you have in your house instead of throwing it away!


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