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May 15, 2012

Thank You USEE

I’d like to first say thank you to USEE who welcomed me and provided me a great experience as a volunteer for them the past year. At the end of this month I will be leaving USEE to start my new full time job this summer at Energy West Controls.

I came to USEE last August fresh out of summer and ready to begin my senior year in high school. For my last year in school I wanted to volunteer at an organization that pursued an issue important to me and provide an environment for me to learn and grow. I discovered USEE while perusing the Internet for possible environmental agencies and am thankful for the time I have been with them.

For the past year I have worked on USEE’s monthly newsletter. I have written pieces for the blog and designed their 2012 calendar. Recently I began coordinating our spring and summer events, and although I will not be able to continue with them I hope everything will go well.

During my time at USEE, I have learned a variety of new things. First and foremost I learned the first step in helping our environment, is educating others (just as USEE’s mission statement says) on not what to think about the environment but how. My goal when joining USEE was to learn more about the inner workings of a non-profit and I like to think I have. Through my work with both the newsletter and coordinating events I discovered the importance of communication, organization, and commitment. It is integral for a non-profit to be in contact and outgoing towards its’ members and other people in the community. You need to be organized to keep everything running smoothly. And lastly you have to be committed to not only your work but also the idea your organization upholds.

Once again thank you!! After this summer I will be starting as an Honors student at the University of Utah studying Environmental Engineering and am extremely excited. Lastly I would like to thank Charice Bourdeaux, who has been my mentor and teacher here at USEE. She guided me through the year, was continually supportive, and always available to talk to about anything.

-Anthony Fratto Oyler

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