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August 16, 2012

Guest Blog - Bioneers Conference

From Jack Greene:
As an engaged member and supporter of Bioneers Education For Action (EfA) program, I would like to invite you to join us at the national Bioneers Conference October 19-21st in San Rafael, CA where educators will be rewarded with a greatly reduced registration fee, a special networking dinner, and attendance at the regular conference with many of our planet's most brilliant visionaries and practitioners on all aspects of sustainability.  
You will be furthering our purpose of networking and empowering educators, both formal and non-formal, to get our students and program participants involved in creating the future we all desire – one of healthy relationships with each other and our biosphere. I frequently use the Bioneers resources in my A.P. Environmental Science workshops, at environmental education conference presentations, and as a guest lecturer at Utah State University. The Bioneers plenary speakers are from all ages, ethnicities, and economic/societal levels. As education for sustainability leaders yourselves, you will be interacting directly with many others during the conference.
I plan to attend the NAAEE conference in Oakland, catch a bus especially arranged to LA for the AASHE conference, then hop on the return trip to Oakland for the Bioneers Conference. The bus ride will offer excellent opportunities for networking as well. I refer to it as the “Networking for Sustainability Bus”! http://conf2012.aashe.org/venue/alternative-transportation-option
For your reference, here is an overview of the Ecological Literacy Education Track programming happening at the Bioneers Conference. And here is an overview of the various options for steeply discounted tickets being offered to educators and students.
See more information attached, prepared by Shana Rappaport. Also, see Shana’s TEDx talk at this website - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z8UevNKDFKU as the Bioneers Education for Action Program Director. You will get to know this wonderful young lady well during our time together!
You are welcome to contact Shana directly any time, at srappaport@bioneers.org, with questions or to learn more.

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