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August 19, 2008

About Nancy:

I am a long time supporter and activist for environmental education and stewardship! An avid enthusiast of outdoor recreation, I moved to Salt Lake City from Maine, in 1981 mostly for the skiing, but my passion for adventure and the outdoors also led me to pursue rock climbing in Indian Creek, American Fork, Big and Little Cottonwood Canyons, and mountain biking in Moab. Missing the ocean and the sailing—from the coast of Maine, down to the Caribbean, the 80’s in Utah also brought me windsurfing from Deer Creek to Rush Lake (yes, it was filled then in those high water years!) In search of the wind we also ventured to the Hood River Gorge, Coyote Point in San Francisco Bay, and the Baja. Traveling throughout Utah and other regions in the west, whether in pursuit of a new crag, a new adventure mountain biking, or a day out in the Wasatch Mountains skiing with friends, I learned to appreciate the beauty of the open spaces our western region has to offer.

Along with my passion for the outdoors and nature is my passion for knowledge and being engaged with higher education. I am currently a master’s candidate at the University of Utah researching climate, drought and fire in the west, and I am very interested in how this new scientific knowledge can offer better ways for us to respond to the problems and opportunities created by a varying and changing climate. Although we don’t know for sure how climate change will affect our regional water resources, it is clear from the last several years of drought, that water resources are already stressed, independent of, and any additional stress from, climate change or increased variability will only intensify the competition for water resources.

As Education & Outreach Coordinator for the Utah Society for Environmental Education I lead the Community Discussions Program working within the community, city government and higher education, using resources and tools to explore ways of bringing environmental education and sustainability into the lives of people. I can’t think of a better way for me to integrate my love for nature and the outdoors with my passion for communicating my knowledge about climate as it relates to our community and the critical issues we face in regard to our environment.

Sustainability emphasizes relationships and I am deeply motivated by my connection to all these places that have touched my life and hope to impart a deeper understanding of climate, our environment, and sustainability. Striving to build new partnerships within the community, higher education, and organizations is meaningful and the creative part of my job that I love!

When not at my desk I can be found working on my thesis, in my garden, cooking for friends (basically everything and anything to do about food), or somewhere engaged in outdoor sports.

Here are some pictures from the cactus on my front porch:

I believe one of the marvels of the world is when my cactus blooms! This amazing cactus blooms one flower once a year for 8 hours. Usually in mid August the flower begins to bud. The process takes from 7-10 days and then one late evening it opens—Long after sunset when the evening begins to cool (usually around 10:00PM). While most of the world sleeps this marvelous flower in all its glory blooms and by 6:00AM the show is over and the bloom closes. I await camera in hand to capture this stunning appearance—until next year!

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