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August 18, 2008

Welcome to Green Fork!

Green Fork is the newest extension of the Utah Society for Environmental Education (USEE) where the staff can address environmental education issues directly with the public. USEE's vision is to cultivate ecological knowledge to build environmental consciousness that ensures economic, social, and environmental sustainability for Utah. USEE is non-profit organization dedicated to a non-advocacy standpoint that has clear, set goals to provide leadership to formal teachers, non-formal educators, and the community at large.

What is Green Fork? We at USEE wanted to connect with the community on a different level than we do through our newsletters and emails. We wanted to provide a space for the public to connect with each other, too. Green Fork is that space. It is a place to ask questions, provide thoughts, contribute your efforts, and mainly to learn from each other.

Who is Green Fork for? Well, anybody! The primary purpose of Green Fork is to connect with the people of Utah, to spread the word about environmental education (EE), to discuss EE-related issues, and to expand environmental literacy within the state of Utah, but anyone is welcome to contribute. So if you have an interest in the environment, education, or environmental education, or if you have a desire to learn more about these things, then please get involved!

How can I get involved? Do you have something to say, an experience to share, or an idea to contribute that might relate to something we are writing about? Please share it in our comments section after each post. If you would like know more about a certain topic or have a specific question about something we haven't covered, please ask us! The USEE staff is comprised of people with very diverse backgrounds and our collective knowledge is extensive. If we don't know, or can't find, the answers to your questions, then we can certainly locate the resources to get you started in the right direction.

What types of things will be posted? Once we start to develop an article base, we will begin to categorize posts into groups with labels such as: EE Policies & Issues, Community Experience, Staff Efforts & Goals, Environmental Literacy, and a Teacher's Corner to name a few.

Are there opportunities to connect with my community face-to-face? Of course! Green Fork is also a springboard for our Community Discussion Courses where you can get together with your friends, family, coworkers, and neighbors to discuss issues such as food, energy, sustainability, voluntary simplicity, and many more. The USEE staff just completed the newest Community Discussion Course, Menu for the Future. There will be much more information about the Community Discussion Courses coming soon to a Green Fork post near you!

We hope you are as excited about Green Fork as we are. Stay tuned to join in on our journey of on-going environmental literacy, and remember to please relax, sit down, enjoy, and connect.

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