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October 28, 2009

2009 Utah EE Conference Happenings

-by Danny Trujillo

Whats up everyone!

We have lots of cool things coming up here at USEE. The biggest one (or at least the biggest thing everyone here has been working on) is the up-coming conference that is taking place during the third week of November. We have some way awesome presenters that will be speaking this year about all things environmental education. Some of the ones topic that I am personally looking forward to are:
  • Energy: The BIG Picture;
  • Connecting Early Childhood Development and Nature; and
  • Learning to speak the same language.
Some other really exciting presentations that will have some good information are:
  • Field Trip at the Hogle Zoo;
  • School Yard Explorers;
  • Designing Games for Learning;
  • Sowing Seeds for a New Future: Garden Education Program at the Salt Lake County Jail.
In addition to some of these presentations we will also have a free movie that will be open to the public about water issues and how the West might not have enough water for our communities. I personally have seen the film in one of my classes at the University of Utah and it makes you really think about water in a whole new way.

These are just a few of the topics that will be covered this year. Also, the key note speaker this year is Robert Michael Pyle who has written many excellent books about the environment. He is also an independent biologist and holds many other accomplishments in the environmental filed.

I hope to see you all there; it's going to be fun! For more information about this or any other up-coming events please visit our website at www.usee.org or visit our Conference Information page.

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