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July 5, 2011

The Community Loop

What an idea to help teachers AND local businesses! Swellr is a social enterprise where teachers post their classroom needs and then spread this need through social networks such as facebook and twitter. Local businesses then hook on to these projects by selling vouchers called “good certificates” on the Swellr website where 5-25% of the sales go to pay for these teacher requests.

See how it works with an informational video here!

Anyone can go to the website and choose what classroom and businesses they would like to help. They can pay directly through Swellr and automatically have a percentage of their transaction go to the school. This is a great resource to fund classroom projects and fund local businesses that are invested in the community.

What’s really interesting about this project is that teachers and students become advertisers for local businesses. This self sustaining loop allows classrooms to help themselves and their community, while local businesses are benefiting from the increased publicity and in turn, help the teachers who helped them!

Businesses will be encouraged to increase the percentage they donate because this percentage will be publically visible. Customers will naturally be drawn to purchase from companies in the future whom have given a more generous amount back to their community.This site is set to launch next month in Cambridge and Somerville in the Boston area with goals to increase from there.

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