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July 7, 2011

Isla Earth radio series

Hey all, So I take it at least some of you enjoy public radio every now and then, but have you ever heard the Isla Earth radio series? Broadcasted on 90.9 fm KRCL, the series is made up of short segments (about 3 minutes long) of really cool environmentally oriented information. Whether it be conservation or public environmental health and greener living, every day provides another new interesting tidbit.

Earlier in the week I learned about old time pirates and buccaneers and their significance to modern day ecology. Basically, ecologists are looking at records kept by pirates who were surprisingly good at recording what they saw in the seas. Ship logs, medieval cookbooks, and old fishing records are all providing useful information regarding what marine ecology was like back then. By looking at these records ecologists can tell roughly the population distributions of different species back when Pirates struck terror into the heart of sailors.

This is only one of many interesting segments form the Isla Earth Series. Tune into your local public radio station to find out if they broadcast the series. Or visit their website to find a broadcasting radio station near you.

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