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March 16, 2012

Salt Lake City Hiking Trails

Well the warm weather is back! And it makes it the perfect time to go outside and enjoy nature!

When I lived in Michigan, one of my favorite things to do was to ride my bike along an 18 mile long path and park called Hines Drive. I definitely missed doing that in the fall here, and am very lucky to have found the Utah equivalent now that it’s spring!

Yesterday, I took advantage of the weather and took a stroll with the dog down part of the 40 mile long walking/bike path, the Jordan River Parkway. I actually walked for 2 hours!

It was beautiful!
Photos from the blog Trailing Ahead : Adventures in Hiking Utah really show how beautiful it is!

The path winds around and right next to the Jordan River. It is tucked in behind neighborhoods, away from major roads and surrounded by native plant life, giving the perfect illusion to being in the middle of the wilderness, without leaving the city.

For the occasional busy road you may need to cross, walking bridges have been built, so there is no need to dodge traffic, or walk out of your way to cross at a traffic light.

The best part for me, was that every so often, the path went through a local neighborhood park, where kids could play, you could rest on a bench, or let the dog get a sip of water.

I highly recommend using this path, not just for recreation,but for getting around the city as well. It’s long enough that it can get you from one point to another, but safer because it isn’t a main road, and there are no cars!

Looking for other places to hike or bike?
Check out these sites:

Skip the car, even the bus, and use these paths to get agood work out going to the places you need to go to anyways!


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