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January 25, 2013

Meet Leslie!

Hey Guys!
My name is Leslie Kobinsky, and I am the new intern for the Environmental Educators Capacity. EECAP is a program centered on utilizing the linkage between social issues and environmental education. A platform that aims to improve environmental quality and create healthier communities, especially for the diverse and underserved areas of Utah.

I am currently a senior at Westminster College, close to finishing a B.S. in Environmental Studies with a minor in Anthropology. I have a passion for Environmental Justice and recently returned from a semester abroad in Australia studying indigenous culture and rights. My free time is spent reading, exploring red rock country, volunteering, traveling, and snowboarding. My extracurriculars always involve great friends and good food!

Originally from Oregon, I moved to Utah 4 years ago and am excited to delve deeper into environmental justice issues in my local community. I strongly believe in USEE’s mission and I am prepared to start helping connect environmental education with environmental justice to work towards more inclusive and further reaching programs. 

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