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February 6, 2013

Introducing Seth Commichaux

To the average brain I might look like one person known as Seth Commichaux and I might appear to be a biology student @ UVU aspiring to be a doctor, but that's not the whole story. In reality I'm a collection of trillions of cells walking around acting like a human being just like all humans do. Many of us forget (or just don't know) that we are made of trillions of cells and come to think of ourselves as individual, isolated and independent. In a similar way, the environment is under-acknowledged in the eyes of us humans. I think that we forget (or just don't know) how interdependent and interconnected our lives really are with all of the lifeforms that exist and make life, collectively, possible.

When I finished high school I was an avowed education hater; I had a rough time getting through and didn't see the point of education. At some point (after working in a warehouse and in construction), however, I had a change of heart when I saw the plight of people who were undereducated and exploited by their occupations. I returned to education because I understood that, for the average person, it is the best protection from impoverishment and exploitation as well as the greatest tool for empowering the disenfranchised. I also came to realize that part of the plight and frustration of becoming educated is that it can take many years of patience and hard work to even learn the alphabet of any given subject. I want to take part in helping people not become disillusioned with education because the pursuit of knowledge really is humanity's greatest work.